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Ivey Publishing

Publish Cases with Ivey

Ivey Publishing selectively accepts cases and teaching notes for publication from authors outside of the Richard Ivey School of Business. In order to effectively market cases and teaching notes accepted by our review panel, copyright must be assigned to Ivey. In return, Ivey Publishing will:

  • Annually pay the author/s a 15% royalty for all external sales of the case (i.e., all sales except usage within Ivey programs).
  • Promote the case worldwide through  in-person and digital sales and marketing.
  • Have professional and qualified staff assist with the editing and formatting of your case.
  • Distribute examination copies of your case to educators of your choice.
  • Provide sample copies of case studies to registered customers on our website at no charge.
  • In accordance with Ivey's permission policy, grant non-Ivey or external faculty case authors the right to use the case in a course taught by the author without payment of a permission fee.
  • In accordance with Ivey's textbook permission policy, grant case authors the right to use the case in a textbook written by the author without payment of a permission fee.
  • Request permission from the author if a request is received to use the case in a textbook (provided that the author so specified when the author assigned the copyright for the case to Ivey).

While Ivey is always eager to add cases to its collection, the need to maintain our high level of quality is vital.  The following parameters are considered when reviewing a case to add to the collection:

  • We will consider submissions from business school faculty members and PhD candidates.
  • The case must be accompanied by a suitable, comprehensive teaching note and a completed product information form.
  • The draft case and teaching note will both be peer reviewed by one or more full time Ivey faculty members. Revisions may be requested to the case and teaching note.
  • The case and teaching note must be submitted in Word format. Please see  guidelines  for more details.
  • A written Consent to Use Business Case Study(release) must be obtained from the company in which interviews took place when developing the case.
  • If relevant, the employer of the author must confirm in writing that it has no interest in the case and related teaching note.
  • The author must execute a written agreement assigning the copyright exclusively to Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation, Ivey Publishing.
  • All submitted cases may be subject to review by plagiarism detection software under license to Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation.

See our FAQs for more information on publishing cases with Ivey. Cases, along with a teaching note and a consent form, can be sent to registercases@ivey.ca.