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Ivey Publishing offers a variety of materials that can be used for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses as well as for executives and corporate training.

Case Studies
Ivey's case studies are written by academics and are concise, interactive, dynamic, and participant-driven teaching tools designed to guide students through real-world examples of business issues. Students learn to analyze information, develop rational alternatives, make decisions, recommend implementation tactics in time-sensitive situations, and communicate and defend their findings, just as they would as practicing managers.

Ivey Publishing has partnered with these institutions to create cases and teaching materials:

We also offer collections of materials from these suppliers:

Ivey Business Journal Reprints
Reprints from the Ivey Business Journal are available through Ivey Publishing by granting permission to reproduce or are provided in printed format. Ivey Business Journal is published six times per year in an online format; each issue is themed to focus on a different facet of management. Since 1933, the Ivey Business Journal has delivered incisive, practical articles about managing and improving the practice of management.

Ivey Publishing provides high-quality business case studies that are globally focused, have clear decision points, are concise, comprehensive and competitively priced.


Ivey Publishing provides a number of services to assist professors and teachers with their case selection.

Searching the Ivey Publishing Website
Our powerful search functionality will search through the database of over 29,000 products.  Browsing allows you to refine your search results by category, difficulty, industry, geographic region, language, product type, length, publication date, and the existence of teaching notes.  Advanced searching provides more specific options.

Coursepack Builder
Create a custom resource that can be downloaded instantly from the Ivey Publishing website. Log In to use our Coursepack Builder tool to assemble cases, articles & technical notes from the Ivey collection, or any of the other collections available through Ivey Publishing. To assist with your coursepack preparation, we have prepared the following video series:

Sample Cases and Teaching Notes Available Online

Qualified and approved academics are invited to register on our website to view examination copies  of Ivey case studies and teaching notes online at no charge, and to receive discounted academic pricing.

The Ivey Publishing  e- newsletter introduces academics to new cases in their area of academic focus. Our newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with the latest cases and news from Ivey Publishing.  Registering also makes ordering online simple.

CaseMate: Ivey's Textbook Case Matching Resource
The Ivey Publishing CaseMate is a textbook matching resource designed to find cases that complement textbooks in various business disciplines. For each book listed, we offer a guide of suggested case studies for each chapter based on our familiarity with the text material and stated learning goals.

Case Concierge
Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available to help you find the materials you need.

  • Email us your course outline. We have dedicated staff available to assist faculty in finding cases that meet the needs of their courses.
  • Browse the catalogue - Ivey cases are authored by faculty from around the world, providing a wealth of perspective on a variety of business issues. Use our powerful online search tools to search over 23,000 products available in all major business disciplines.
  • CourseMate - check out which Ivey cases your peers have used recently.
  • Cases by Theme - view Ivey cases already tagged to popular topics.
  • CaseMate - use this popular resource to see which Ivey cases have been matched to hundreds of textbooks.
  • Download - review the full content of cases and teaching notes online.
  • Coursepack Builder - with enough content for an entire course, you can customize your coursepack for students to download instantly.