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The Sound of Leadership
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Ivey Business Journal
According to research into what makes leaders great, executives can leverage the power of music to improve performance while taking a taxi or flying on a plane, or even in the shower. “Having established the importance of leader character for sustained excellence in organizations,” says Ivey Business School Professor Mary Crossan, “the next frontier is researching how to activate and develop character on a daily basis.” Crossan has been exploring how music can activate dimensions of character that may lie latent. In particular, Ivey has been exploring how music can exercise the character dimension of humility and its associated behaviours in future leaders. But while Crossan’s research explores the positive and negative impacts that music can have on character development, she notes that it is misguided to think that one person’s positive playlist will work for another individual. The key to deploying music for leadership development is reflection and self-awareness. Indeed, you first must adequately explore the current state of your strength of character to determine imbalances among your character dimensions. This can be done using a Leadership Character Insight Assessment tool developed by Ivey researchers in partnership with SIGMA Assessment Systems. You then design a song library to promote character dimension balance based on what moves you emotionally in the areas that require development.
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