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The Mario Andretti Family: Building The Next Generation
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Case (Field)
In 2017, the contract between the Andretti family auto racing business, Andretti Autosport, and Honda Motor Company (Honda) would come to an end following the racing season. Generational family resources and dynamic social media capabilities had created a sustained competitive advantage (SCA) for Andretti Autosport. Also, key strategic decisions surrounding primary engine sponsorship and enterprise diversification afforded the chief executive officer the benefit of financial resources required to fund his Andretti Autosport racing operations across multiple racing platforms. More strategic decisions would have to be made as the contract between Andretti Autosport and Honda was coming to an end. Although the Honda collaboration had been successful, was it the best partnership to sustain the multi-generational organization into the future? What engine sponsor would be the best for Andretti Autosport to partner with for the next racing season?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for undergraduate or graduate courses in strategy and entrepreneurship. The case discussion is divided into three parts: (1) enterprise diversification; (2) entrepreneurship and family legacy resources, according to the resource-based view; and (3) social media and enterprise management. After completion of the case, students will be able to do the following:
  • Identify how Mario Andretti’s key business alliances and brand partnerships have boosted the Andretti family’s competitive racing advantage.
  • Evaluate key Andretti Autosport diversification and engine sponsorship decisions through the RBV of business strategy and entrepreneurship (i.e., valuable, rare, inimitable resources, and organization).
  • Understand the importance of sponsorship and digital marketing and promotion through social media platforms as a driving force for SCA in the auto racing business.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
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United States, Large, 2017
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