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T-Systems South Africa: Contextual Leadership of Shared Value
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10 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
In June 2017, the managing director of T-Systems South Africa (TSSA) was considering how best to inspire stakeholders to join his movement towards contributing positively to nation building in South Africa. TSSA had experienced some success in setting up information and communication technology systems and academies to create jobs and to create shared value, but it needed to overcome a threshold to exert its influence over a broader level within the country. Specifically, the managing director wondered how TSSA could receive a positive sustainable return on its investments in environmental and social impacts during a time of cost-cutting.
Learning Objective:
The case is suitable for postgraduate courses in business ethics, sustainability, organizational development, and change management, and for graduate courses in leadership. Working through the case and assignment questions will enable students to
  • understand shared value concepts to enhance comprehension of how the actions of businesses can contribute to positive change in society;
  • attain insight into the contextually intelligent influencing skills of exceptional leaders; and
  • learn about processes for pioneering new ideas both within and outside of an organization.
International,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Information, Media & Telecommunications
South Africa, Large, 2017
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