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Diglot Capital Management: A Very Serious Ghost Story
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Case (Field)
Working the night shift to accommodate the time difference with U.S. customers was a well-known call-centre practice in India, and staffing the graveyard shift was challenging. In 2016, one of Diglot Capital Management (DCM)'s vice-presidents faced a challenge that most leaders did not have to contend with: DCM's employees were avoiding working the night shift or quitting altogether because they believed the workplace was haunted. The employees' superstitions, rooted in cultural and religious beliefs, were creating a serious decline in productivity; thus, jeopardizing the company's partnership with an American firm. The situation was troubling the vice-president and totally bewildering the American manager, who demanded that DCM's employees be disciplined. The vice-president was at risk of losing most of his workforce. Was there a way he could keep all stakeholders happy?
Learning Objective:
The case is suitable for organizational behaviour and international business courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. It can be used to challenge students to think about unusual or unforeseen workplace dilemmas and consider various strategies for the implementation of fair employment practices. The case focuses on complexities associated with differing cultural beliefs, along with the conflicts that may arise from these differences, especially in relation to international partnerships. Working through the case and assignment questions will give students the opportunity to
  • evaluate the impact and significance of religious beliefs and customs on workplace productivity;
  • address the possible conflict arising from religious beliefs and customs in the workplace;
  • assess the role cognitive bias plays in decision-making; and
  • develop strategies and concepts to address the distinct differences between workplace rules and realities in international partnerships.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
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India, Large, 2016
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