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Sagamok First Nation: A Mining Company Context
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Case (Field)
Sagamok First Nation (Sagamok) was one of several First Nations living on land that was a mineral resource. Canada's Indigenous Peoples had an historical claim to swaths of land and their resources; however, as Canada became increasingly colonized, the government negotiated treaties with the First Nations that resulted in smaller boundaries for First Nations lands, but required mining companies that wanted to mine reserved lands to negotiate access with the relevant First Nation.

Sagamok had negotiated access with three mining companies and their relationships with the three companies varied. One relationship left Sagamok with open pit mines and an environmental mess; another resulted in good relations, opportunities for Sagamok, and environmental stewardship; and the third was in early stages and already showing problems. In 2016, the Chief of Sagamok needed to resolve the dispute and to consider how to apply what the community had already learned to build capacity in evaluating opportunities for resource extraction, environmental stewardship, and economic development.
Learning Objective:
The case is written for a graduate course in strategy, organizational behaviour, ethics, or corporate social responsibility. Because the case is straightforward, it is probably best positioned at the beginning of the course. This case can be used to meet the following key learning objectives:
  • Understand the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.
  • Provide context for the development of partnerships between First Nations and resource companies.
  • Identify corporate social responsibility issues and outcomes for resource development companies.
  • Underline the importance of the depth and nature of communication between resource development companies and First Nations.
  • Illustrate areas of opportunity for the development of First Nations’ capacity to participate in resource development on traditional lands.
General Management/Strategy
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Canada, 2016
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