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Hewlett Packard eHealth Center: Healthcare Access Through Technology Convergence
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Case (Field)
In 2012, eHealth Centers (eHCs) digitally delivered affordable medical care and diagnostic support for patients in villages and remote areas of India where it was otherwise unavailable. The solution was initially conceived and developed as a mandate from Hewlett Packard India’s corporate social responsibility team under the leadership of the chief technology officer. The eHCs design incorporated a self-contained diagnostic centre in a container, operated by a staff of paramedics. Doctors located in urban health hubs provided consulting care through video conferencing, and patients could experience the feeling of being in a doctor’s office in real-time. These eHCs slowly turned out to be a business opportunity for Hewlett Packard India. By early 2016, there were 55 centres in operation. The challenge before the company was to scale up exponentially.
Learning Objective:
The case can be used at an MBA level in a strategy management course to discuss issues such as technology convergence, innovation management, disruptive technology, partnership models, project management, and value generation for the bottom of the customer base pyramid. It can also be used in courses involving shared value creation and using information technology to solve social and human problems. The key objective is understanding the alignment of strategy in the context of the resources and competencies needed to generate and deliver value. After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • understand the shift from traditional corporate social responsibility work to social innovation;
  • understand the challenges faced by a company as it seeks to do well (enhance revenue and profit) by doing good (generate positive social impact); and
  • identify issues regarding partnering with disparate organizations to deliver value to
    General Management/Strategy,  International
    Health Care Services
    India, Large, 2016
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