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Blossom Inners: Designing Nonsensual Communication for Lingerie Marketing
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Case (Field)
Until 2014, Blossom Inners Pvt. Ltd. (Blossom), a leading lingerie brand in India, had followed the accepted standard of advertising lingerie with images of skin-revealing models. Influenced by their personal philosophy and concern about increasing crimes against women, the company’s directors decided to break from the time-tested lingerie industry standards of communicating with sensual appeal. According to the managing director, Blossom would gain moral support from its customers by being the first in the industry to do away with body-revealing advertisements; however, sales figures dropped to low levels, senior marketing employees left the company, and customer service was flooded with calls. The directors, who were determined to stick to their plan, approached an innovative designer to create a new marketing strategy. Could this new advertising partner help Blossom stem its declining sales? What information should be included in the brief given to the designer? How could the designer advertise Blossom’s lingerie while honouring the directors’ philosophy?
Learning Objective:
The case is designed to provide a variety of perspectives on developing effective marketing communications. The case can be used in core marketing management courses in both graduate and undergraduate classes in business administration programs, or in elective courses such as advertising management, ethics in business, and strategic marketing. Using the case, students can develop a marketing communications approach that breaks with tradition. After completion of the course, students will be able to
  • explore effective marketing communications;
  • design and evaluate marketing communications, including message strategies and creative strategies;
  • learn how to select marketing communication channels;
  • decide on an appropriate marketing communication mix; and
  • discuss corporate values and the trade-off between profit and purpose.
    Marketing,  International
    Retail Trade
    India, Medium, 2014
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