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Guelph General Hospital
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Case (Field)
In November 2010, the senior director of Inpatient Services at Guelph General Hospital, which was situated in a small city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, was facing questions about the implementation of the Process Improvement Program, part of a province-wide pilot project. Beginning in October 2009, the program had been tested at the hospital to deal with a deteriorating organizational culture and poor performance reviews. Guelph General Hospital was plagued with inefficiencies: patients leaving untreated, low staff morale, a defensive (blame) culture, and a lack of interdepartmental collaboration. The new program was based on the “lean” methodology developed by Japanese automotive manufacturers, but its use in the hospital had raised questions about whether it was suitable in a healthcare setting. Some employees did not support it and were threatening to leave. Should the hospital continue to implement the lean strategy? How should it move forward?
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The case is suitable for undergraduate and MBA students in strategic management or healthcare management and related elective courses. Its key objective is to demonstrate the leverage that can be gained by generating recommendations for change based on solid strategic management thinking and analysis in a healthcare setting.
General Management/Strategy
Health Care Services
Canada, Large, 2010
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