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The Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia: Protecting Intellectual Property
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Case (Field)
The vice-president of policy for the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) was asked to deal with the growing problem of signal piracy in the Philippines. CASBAA was an organization of 125 companies involving all elements of the pay television industry in Asia, including major multinational content and broadcasting companies, as well as leading Philippine cable distributors. These were multinational content producers and broadcasters concerned about the growing issue of cable television signal piracy in the Philippines — a key bellwether market for many CASBAA members. Among CASBAA’s key objectives was the protection of the intellectual property of its members. CASBAA had already pursued legal options to curtail piracy in the Philippines with limited success and the vice-president was tasked with developing a strategy that did not involve expensive litigation. To do so, he needed to present a plan, with milestones, to his constituents to demonstrate that CASBAA was capable of dealing with its members’ concerns.
Learning Objective:
Through the case, students will be able to explore issues such as:
  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Advocacy coalitions and stakeholder analysis: public policy.
  • International trade and institutions — particularly in Asia.
  • Industry associations: structure, management and interaction with government.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Hong Kong; Philippines, Small, 2008
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