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Housing.com: Disrupting the House Search Process in India
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Case (Field)
In July 2014, the head of Data Sciences Lab, the technical division of Housing.com, an online realty company based in Mumbai, India, is wondering whether the company has truly revolutionized the housing search process. The Indian real estate market is extremely unorganized, fragmented and suffering from lack of clear information. Any facts about properties for sale or rent primarily rest with brokers, who not only often charge exorbitant fees from the buyer as well as the seller but also commonly misrepresent the location and condition of the property in question, making finding a place to live a very frustrating experience. Founded in 2012, Housing.com is a relatively new entrant to this market and is using a data-driven approach to attract customers by providing accurate intelligence, using photographs and a map-based user interface to display all its listings on the Internet. Recently, the company started scaling up its operations by leveraging the power of quality, technology, innovation and speed, with impressive results. Will this strategy help Housing.com capture an even bigger portion of the market? Will competitors in the online property space be able to imitate its business innovations easily? More importantly, what future products should Housing.com offer?
Learning Objective:
This case is designed to be used in MBA courses on technology, e-commerce or strategy.
  • To understand how value can be created and captured using innovation in technology.
  • To illustrate the concepts of uniqueness as well as complementary assets and their role in strategy.
  • To demonstrate the use of data-based approaches in non-traditional industries to gain competitive advantage over other players in the market.
Information Systems,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
India, Medium, 2014
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