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Precena Strategic Partners: Staff Relocation Cost Minimization
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Case (Field)
A Japanese management consultant company seeks to relocate some of its instructors for a period of between one and three months to Singapore in order to conduct its flagship course catering to Japanese expatriate managers. It must determine which instructors to select in order to minimize relocation costs while taking into account their productivity and availability and the number of courses booked over three future months. Cost minimization is crucial due to the expensive service apartment rentals in Singapore. The firm must develop an optimization template in order to make the best possible decision.
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This case is suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in analytics, optimization and operations. Its globalization context will inform students of the realities of modern employment and relocation. The case can be approached from multiple angles — optimization and/or operations. While specific costs for airline tickets and service apartment rentals are not provided, students can research these and see if they change the solution. The challenge in the case centres on the formulation of the firm’s objective. Diverse objectives lead to different solutions and students may have to decide on the best among these.
Management Science,  International,  Entrepreneurship
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Singapore, Small, 2014
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