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Able Translations: International Strategy at the Crossroads
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07/15/2016 (Data)
10 pages (5 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The founder of Toronto-based Able Translations has grown the company since 1990 from a single-man operation that did on-site interpreting to a firm of 100 staff in 2014. The firm provides a range of interpreting and translation services on three continents by more than 3,500 qualified language professionals in more than 100 languages. Although an industry leader, the company faces both strong global competitors and a myriad of microbusinesses and freelancers. Moreover, the language service providers industry is experiencing rapid technological change. The founder wonders whether to pursue international growth of his established translation and interpreting businesses (on-site and telephone) or to focus on its emerging capabilities in software development in the North American market — a strategic choice that will have a profound effect on the future of the firm.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in a business strategy or international business course. It could also be used to internationalize the curriculum of a course that has little international content. Its objectives are:
  • To examine the core issue of the competitive direction of a firm facing increasing globalized competition from both large and small rivals.
  • To understand the effect of new technology on the interpretation and translation service industry.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Canada, Small, 2013
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