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Canara Bank Turnaround
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Case (Field)
Canara Bank has been one of the top five public sector banks in India since its founding in 1906. After lagging behind its competitors for some years, it has finally started to recover from non-performing assets and low profitability. Its new chief executive officer has brought vision, strategic direction, and motivation to achieve a remarkable turnaround in 2013/14, but now he faces several key questions. Should the bank launch an ambitious expansion of its branches, online services, information technology, and human resources, based solely on the recent encouraging results? Is the management committee’s optimism justified, given that several new initiatives are still at various stages of implementation? Will this growth overstretch Canara Bank’s already constrained resources? In order to regain its position and improve reach and profitability in a highly competitive market, an expansion program has to be launched or an opportunity will be missed.
Learning Objective:
  • To understand the banking industry's positioning in the financial markets and the key performance indicators and challenges that can motivate management to make products, promotions and strategic decisions.
  • To understand the dynamics in an industry that provides opportunities for firms to create value.
  • To explore how different strategies can help or hinder a company’s growth and to understand components of a turnaround strategy in an organization.
  • To understand how companies formulate and execute strategies to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that emerge due to high levels of competition.
  • To understand the elements of a company’s organizational culture that could be strengthened, replaced or recreated to handle specific market challenges.
  • To use different elements of a company’s performance measurement indicators to fine-tune strategic initiatives.
  • To understand the role of leadership in determining the fortunes of a company.
  • To understand the trade-offs between different outcomes while selecting different strategic choices.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Finance and Insurance
India, Large, 2014
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