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Entrepreneurial Leadership at Maritime Bus
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Case (Field)
An entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada believes he has a five to six year window to capitalize on the growth of his newest venture, Maritime Bus, a passenger transportation and parcel delivery service, before his retirement. Having turned around a business that lost $12 million over the previous eight years in less than six months, he believes he has the opportunity to continue this success. However, he is unsure what strategies to follow to achieve growth: expand the parcel service, partner with other transportation operators to attract more riders, increase marketing efforts or move into Newfoundland and Labrador. He is also unsure about the value of the business and how he can smoothly and profitably transfer his ownership shares to his partner, one or more of his children or an external investor. Any decision needs to be made in consultation with his family.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in undergraduate entrepreneurship, leadership, small business management and entrepreneurial finance courses. It has been written to help students better understand:
  • Entrepreneurial leadership, in particular, the value that an entrepreneurial leader can bring to a venture facing a decline in demand and restricted by heavy government regulation.
  • Entrepreneurial business valuation.
  • How entrepreneurs think about business exit, retirement and succession issues.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  Entrepreneurship,  Finance
Transportation and Warehousing
Canada, Small, 2012
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