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Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services (A)
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Case (Field)
The Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services (CariCRIS) cases depict the strategic dynamics of setting up a first-of-its-kind international venture by an Indian credit rating agency in an emerging market. The cases trace the institutional and market development challenges in the evolution of this international joint venture (IJV) in a multi-country setting in the Caribbean and the strategic dilemmas faced by the expatriate chief executive officer (CEO) in setting up the new venture by leveraging home-country experience. Case (A) focuses on the unfolding events and the business environment that define the strategic context for the IJV’s formation and up to a point in time when the management is poised to make critical market entry-related decisions. Also see case (B) 9B14M084.
Learning Objective:
CariCRIS (A) and (B) highlight critical issues in crafting a strategy for a global market entry, particularly in the context of an embryonic industry. The cases are appropriate for MBA students in a foundational strategy or international business course and/or for advanced international strategy courses/executive education programs. The cases would also be relevant in a course on entrepreneurship. Together, Cases (A) and (B) present an opportunity to examine some key elements of market entry strategy, such as choice of markets, choice of products and pricing, mode of entry and winning the “local” battle. They also provide an opportunity to analyze how emergent strategies can differ from intended strategies. The decision issues and strategic choices in the cases are accentuated by:
  • The need for the IJV to establish legitimacy in an embryonic industry.
  • The backdrop of postcolonial cultural, market and institutional orientations, including a bias towards developed-country products and services, and how the firm must overcome both the liability of foreignness and liability of origin.
  • Small-island business dynamics.
  • The strategic dilemma and challenges faced by an expatriate CEO in his maiden start-up CEO role.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Finance and Insurance
Caribbean, Small, 2004-2008
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Supplements: 9B14M084 (9 pages)
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