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In 2006, Burberry appointed a new chief executive officer (CEO) with many years of experience in senior positions in the fashion and luxury industries. Though Burberry had enjoyed continued year over year growth, the sales growth was not on par with the growth seen within the personal luxury industry. Big changes within Burberry were expected to come as the new CEO took the reins in July 2006. What were the transformations and changes that Burberry would need to make in order to successfully adapt to the dynamic and innovative global business environment of the luxury industry?
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The primary use of the case is within the marketing strategy framework to be used in undergraduate marketing courses. Since Burberry operates within the personal luxury industry, the unique business environment of the industry and the key success factors for operating within the industry should be of focus throughout the lesson. Specifically, the case facts narrow in on the manufacturing, the distribution channels, the market segments and the product mix, leading the class to consider the appropriate changes required to better align the business strategy with the desired brand image. The case touches on various issues, including globalization, a distressed brand image, a rapidly changing industry environment and trailing revenue growth.
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United Kingdom; global, Large, 2006
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