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EA Financial Services
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Case (Field)
Ivey/Africa Institute
EA Financial Services was a microfinance institution in Koforidua, Ghana. In its seven months of operation, it had done well to establish a client base, before it lacked sufficient capital to meet the growing demand for new loans. Although having a growing client base is a positive sign, the lack of capital was a significant burden—the company had to begin turning down loan requests. The owner knew that potential clients would likely deal with one of his many competitors if he could not provide financial services for them. He wondered if he should first explore obtaining additional operational capital or concentrate on improving current operations. Several alternatives to addressing these issues had presented themselves. What was the best course of action?
Learning Objective:
  • Showcase the risks and challenges that an entrepreneur in a developing country must face when operating a microfinance institution.
  • Learn how to prioritize multiple issues in a business with limited resources.
  • Focus on qualitative factors such as human resources and task prioritization.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Finance and Insurance
Ghana, Small, 2013
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