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Onergy: Developing a Social Entrepreneurship Start-up Brand
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Case (Field)
ONergy, a for-profit social enterprise in the renewable-energy-based products industry is poised to scale up its operations — namely, providing electricity to the underserved, bottom-of-pyramid market in India. Creating a brand in this market has proved difficult, as competition comprises many large and small players. However, given the government’s support of renewable-energy-based products, the company expects substantial and continuous growth and aims to carve out a prominent position in this up-and-coming market. ONergy views investment in brand building as a way to ensure better acceptance by consumers and it is exploring innovative branding strategies that may be adopted by start-up social enterprises to create unique brands in a strategically profitable way. The key question now facing ONergy’s founder is how to maintain brand-building momentum and take the brand to the next level.
Learning Objective:
  • To demonstrate how futuristic vision and planned branding initiatives can help start-up social enterprises to create a successful brand.
  • To explain how a comprehensive understanding of mindset of target group and innovative products and distribution strategies helped position an upcoming for-profit social enterprise.
  • To argue that proper brand vision and internal branding can help even small start-ups to create a brand identity in a fiercely competitive market dominated by big players.
  • To discuss the role of innovative communication strategies to ensure brand differentiation for social enterprises.
Marketing,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Social Advocacy Organizations
India, Small, 2013
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