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GMR Group: Leadership Challenges in Building a World-class Airport
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Case (Field)
An infrastructure conglomerate is facing serious challenges following its construction of a world-class airport. The group's leader possesses unique managerial skills, coherent leadership and clear vision, but the airport must contend with an unstable political and economic environment, both nationally and internationally, as well as a number of delays and bureaucratic hurdles. As a result of these external factors, revenues have been much lower than expected, in spite of the overall success of the group's groundbreaking airport project. The company's leader knows that it will take stringent steps and corrective action to confront these issues effectively.
Learning Objective:
This case aims to help students understand issues faced by entrepreneurial leaders when they enter into new ventures in pursuit of growth. After a discussion and analysis of this case, students will be able to:
  • Examine and analyze the environments and issues affecting businesses in emerging economies.
  • Understand the role of leadership in major infrastructure projects.
  • Identify challenges involved in developing a world-class infrastructure project in developing countries.
  • Appreciate how challenges to leadership emerge with forays into new projects and how a strategic leader, through vision, innovation and team building, is able to emerge a winner.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Transportation and Warehousing
India, Large, 2012
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