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Hindustan Unilever Ltd.: Meeting Employee Expectations
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Case (Field)
The executive director, human resources, at Hindustan Unilever Ltd., a market leader in the Indian fast moving consumer goods sector and the Indian subsidiary of the major multinational, Unilever Ltd., is concerned that the company may be losing its position as the “dream employer” for graduates from the top Indian business schools from which it recruits its management personnel. The shifting demographic profile of employees and their changing expectations have already resulted in changes in the company’s employment model. These include on-the-job training and classroom and e-learning program facilities at all levels of the organization and at all stages of one’s career; mentoring by senior management; communication of vision and goals throughout the company, especially through regular meetings with the CEO; a focus on corporate social responsibility; and an emphasis on work-life balance, such as offering sabbaticals and providing health and recreation facilities at the new headquarters. While the company has changed its traditional employment value proposition, in a highly competitive and talent-scarce job market, can it continue to be relevant in order to attract and retain the best talent in the country?
Learning Objective:
The case can be used in courses on human resources management or management development to help students understand:
  • Changing expectations of an emerging market workforce and the response of one well-regarded employer.
  • How innovative practices in human resources result in the creation of leadership at various levels.
  • How a market leader can make changes in order to remain relevant to a new generation of employees and satisfy a changing employee value proposition.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
India, Large, 2012
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