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Kalamandir: Creating an Ecosystem for Livelihood Generation
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Case (Field)
Founded in 1997, Kalamandir was established in one of the poorest tribal areas in India to revive tribal dances and arts and generate livelihoods. It was now active in over 114 villages and its activities had helped increase the incomes of over 2,500 households. Despite strong achievements, much more would have to be done to make a substantial improvement in the lives of tribal villagers in Jharkhand, an impoverished region of India. The question was how to scale the activities and induce socio-economic development in a sustainable way. How could livelihood opportunities associated with arts, dance, culture and handicrafts be broadened while strengthening the region’s core agricultural income? How could the local leadership pool in villages be expanded and what mechanisms could be introduced to minimize conflicts or resolve them faster? How could Kalamandir attract dynamic professionals? Which government and private organizations did it have to develop stronger relationships with in order to access the financial resources it needed to grow?
Learning Objective:
This case is designed primarily for use in full-time and executive MBA program modules on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, strategy in developing countries and innovation management.
  • Capability building: Explain how the enterprise built capabilities over time in its goal to provide livelihoods to dancers and artisans.
  • Strategy evolution in a social enterprise: Examine strategy in an organization with social objectives. This involves discussing local and national conditions and how the enterprise can catalyze socio-economic development.
  • Network strategies and ecosystem creation.
  • Understanding how a social entrepreneur can grow a start-up organization with low resources, meet ambitious social goals and achieve national recognition. What are the lessons for social enterprises, start-up firms and entrepreneurs elsewhere?
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
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India, Small, 2012
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