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Coca-Cola: Back in Burma
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09/04/2013 (Format Change)
18 pages (6 pages of text)
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Case (Library)
Coca-Cola has announced the opening of its first bottling plant in Burma in almost 60 years. Since 1962, Burma has been a closed and isolated country and under military rule. As a result of the military’s steady relinquishing of control over the government, Burma has begun opening its doors to international trade and investment. However, political instability is still very high and economic development is far from secure. Furthermore, although a framework agreement between the U.S. and Burmese governments has been signed, a bilateral investment treaty to provide protection for Coca-Cola’s direct investment is not yet in place. How should Coca-Cola pursue its strategy in Burma?
Learning Objective:
  • To develop students’ understanding of international strategy in multinational enterprises that pursue opportunities in politically risky countries.
  • To provide students with insight into different types of international legal institutions that can help protect foreign investors’ assets in host countries.
  • To develop students’ skills in appraising how international legal institutions, and specifically bilateral investment treaties, can influence strategy when pursuing opportunities in countries that have recently embarked on a transition towards democracy.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Burma, Large, 2013
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