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Mile High Magic: Maximizing the Broncos Experience
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Case (Library)
This case considers the hedonic goals that motivate consumers to make choices among various options that offer them unique experiences. As a birthday gift to his girlfriend Danielle, Jack presented two game-day options to watch the Denver Broncos. Option 1 offered seats with excellent views close to the action while Option 2 offered a more diverse experience including tailgating, souvenirs and concessions, but with seats more removed from the action. As a passionate Broncos fan, Danielle struggled to choose an option that would maximize her “Broncos experience.” Through class discussion from the point of view of both consumers and management, students will be encouraged to think more about what hedonic elements are important when making buying choices.
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This case is intended for an introductory consumer behaviour or a sports management course. It is intended to be used as supplementary material to stimulate discussion on hedonic consumption. This case engages students in discussion about how consumers make decisions by prioritizing hedonic goals. The perspective here is uniquely that of the consumer rather than of the business, although the instructor can use this case to highlight managerial actions that marketers could take to avoid putting consumers in difficult situations.
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
United States, 2012
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