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Qantas Airlines: Twitter Nosedive
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Case (Library)
The executive of Government and Corporate Affairs at Qantas Airlines faced a communication situation that was spiralling out of control. Qantas had launched a contest through the social media service Twitter, asking participants to use Twitter to describe their “dream luxury inflight experience.” However, the competition dissolved as thousands of people used the opportunity to express negative comments about Qantas. By the second day, nearly 15,000 people worldwide had used social media to vent their frustrations with the airline.

The executive needs to devise a plan of action, before additional damage is incurred by one of Australia’s strongest brands.
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This case is suitable for a business communications course or a general management, strategy or marketing course. The case places students directly into the role of the executive of Government and Corporate Affairs at Qantas Airlines, who must respond to the company’s failed Twitter contest. Students must apply analytical skills, decision-making skills, creativity skills and communication skills to create an effective strategy for Qantas management to respond to the criticism and rebuild its reputation. Students must also take into consideration the series of events that have compounded over the past year to negatively affect the public’s perception of the airline.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Australia, Large, 2011
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