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Warehousing Strategy at Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. (VGCA)
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11/15/2012 (Data)
8 pages (4 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The director of warehousing and logistics at Volkswagen Group Canada (VGCA) had been tasked with analyzing the capacity of the Toronto parts distribution centre to support an aggressive growth plan that involved a series of new product launches and product facelifts. Expecting that expansion of the facility would be necessary, the director needed to determine the additional warehouse capacity required, when it would be needed by, and which expansion option made the most sense.
Learning Objective:
The case provides an opportunity to explore issues involving capacity analysis in a supply chain context. Students are expected to use data provided in the case to evaluate alternatives and develop appropriate recommendations. It also provides students with the opportunity to gain insights into the automotive industry and the operational challenges companies face that are related to aftersales parts warehousing and distribution. This case was written for an undergraduate or MBA supply chain or operations class dealing with capacity analysis in a logistics setting. The context is relevant to both the service and manufacturing sectors.
Operations Management
Transportation and Warehousing
Canada, Large, 2011
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