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First Class Trading Corporation
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Case (Field)
First Class Trading Corporation, a Montreal-based company, had two partners: Jeff Morahan, the founder of the company, and David Sciacca. After evaluating the school supplies industry, Morahan had identified an opportunity to market a fully stocked school bag to schools and parents. The bag was filled with various items that a child needed as determined by a given teacher’s requirements. The strategy of the company was to target elementary and secondary private schools in the greater Montreal area, with elementary schools as the initial target. To date, the partners had generated a disappointing level of sales through cold calls and sales visits to schools. They had drawn up a strategic plan with objectives, positioning, and a marketing mix and were now wondering if they were on the right track. Had they missed something? Should they seek additional advice? Should they move ahead? The situation was complicated because of the stakeholders (school directors, teachers, parents, and students) involved in the marketing process.
Learning Objective:
This case is well suited for courses in marketing strategy, B2B marketing, and customer (organizational) behaviour. It may also be used in a course on marketing for small businesses. The case was written for a course in marketing strategy. In that course, the case is used as an opener to illustrate the type of comprehensive analysis that can be used in evaluating or developing a strategy. The case can also be used at the end of a course when the instructor is trying to bring various strands of the course together. Specific objectives include having students:
  • Practice evaluating a marketing strategy.
  • Evaluate product-company fit versus product-market fit.
  • Understand some of the issues involved in marketing to organizations and organizations’ clients.
  • Understand the usefulness of market metrics and breakeven analysis in marketing decision making.
Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
Educational Services
Quebec, Canada, Small, 2006
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