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eStore at Shell Canada Limited
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Case (Field)
The commercial eProducts Manager at Shell Canada has to determine how to improve the adoption and utilization of their eCommerce channel. eStore had been developed for the fuel and lubricants market as a pilot test of how Shell might communicate with its customers electronically, thus reducing costs. While eStore had been in place for a year, and many customers had signed up, utilization was low. A consulting firm has made recommendations about the technical issues that might be driving low utilization; the commercial eProducts Manager has to consider whether the problems are purely technical, and make a recommendation on how to proceed.
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This case illustrates that aligning business objectives with technical resources is highly challenging and multifaceted, taking considerable time to accomplish in practice. Issues include: 1) How to proceed with eStore in order to align this initiative with the business objectives 2) How to cost-effectively address the needs of the agricultural segment as they become increasingly price-sensitive 3) How to cost-effectively address the growing transactor class of customer that is dominating many segments of Shell's fuels and lubricants division.
Information Systems
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Canada, Large, 2003
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