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Finemaster Projects Ltd. (A)
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Case (Field)
The assistant site supervisor at Finemaster Projects Ltd. struggled with how to approach his boss for a raise. When hired, he had been told that regular annual reviews were held with employees and that good performance would be rewarded with corresponding pay increases. After one year with the company, the assistant site supervisor found that the owners rarely acted on this policy, leaving it up to staff to approach management about raises, promotions, and other performance-related issues. In his second year with the company, the assistant site supervisor experienced further disappointment with how his boss dealt with his compensation request, and his faith in the company’s pledge to reward employees for good performance was quickly fading. The (A) case covers the assistant site supervisor’s first meeting with his employer when offered a position with the company, as well as his conversation with a less experienced employee earning a higher wage. The supplements, Finemaster Projects Ltd. (B) and (C), describe his meetings with his boss after 12 months and two years, respectively.
Learning Objective:
This case series is written for the organizational behaviour section of an introductory business course. It requires students to analyze a set of complex issues and think critically about the human resource issues before presenting their recommendations and action plans. The case presents the opportunity for analysis of employee-employer relationships, workplace culture, leadership qualities, and motivation and influence.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  Introductory Business
Canada, Medium, 2008
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Supplements: 9B10C002 (3 pages) 9B10C003 (3 pages)
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