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Shanghai Bell - The Collaborative Product Commerce System (CPC)
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19 pages (10 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The research and development improvement manager at Shanghai Bell, a major telecommunications device manufacturer in China, has just finished a meeting with top management on strategic initiatives suggested in the corporate information systems plan report. One project that was suggested in the report — implementing a collaborative product commerce (CPC) system — is about to begin. The manager must review the project planning process and examine the extent to which the company, a European-Chinese joint venture, is ready to undertake the project.
Learning Objective:
This case presents a scenario that is common to large enterprise systems planning. The manager must assess the external and internal environments within which a future CPC system would be embedded and must identify key implementation issues that might influence the final success of the system. The case can be approached using the Information Technology Interaction Model, and can be used at the undergraduate and graduate levels to:
  • Help students understand CPC systems and their strategic importance.
  • Help students understand how industry and internal environments can influence the adoption of information systems solutions.
  • Help students develop the ability to identify key issues on project planning prior to system implementation.
International,  Management Science,  Information Systems
China, Large, 2001
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Translations: Simplified Chinese (19 pages)
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