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Richard Ivey School of Business - The Leader Project (A)
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Case (Field)
A student-run, not-for-profit program, Leading Education and Development in Emerging Regions (LEADER) sent teams of business students to teach western business practices in the former Soviet Union. In preparation for the three-week assignment at the end of the school term, the students were expected to participate in social events to build team spirit, as well as practical work, such as preparing teaching materials, making travel arrangements and fundraising. The program's annual budget was $110,000 and each team member was expected to provide a minimum of $250. Despite efforts to raise the needed funds, the program failed to reach its goal. As a result, team members were required to contribute $1,800, substantially more than originally anticipated. Some of the team members quit, expressing their dissatisfaction with the increased financial obligation. Other team members are boasting about the little time they spent working on the project. The once successful program is facing a dilemma. How can it sustain enthusiasm, raise the needed funds and recruit members who are willing to work to ensure its success? Supplement Richard Ivey School of Business - The LEADER Project - Kiev Site (B), product 9B03C047 explores a personality conflict that begins when one team begins preparation for its trip. The problem escalates when the team is teaching in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the team members wonders what role she can play in resolving the situation that threatens the success of the teaching assignment.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
Social Advocacy Organizations
Canada/Ukraine, Small, 2001
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Supplements: 9B03C047 (6 pages)
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