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Umpqua Bank: Managing the Culture and Implementing the Brand
Freeze, Karen J.
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31 pages
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Case (Field)
Design Management Institute
Umpqua Bank is an Oregon-based business that is attempting to revolutionize the banking industry with a creatively nontraditional culture and a radically retail mindset (stores not branches), supported by an highly innovative environmental design. Umpqua has grown rapidly and faces critical issues, including: (1) How can an organization strengthen and maintain its culture while undergoing rapid growth by merger and acquisition? Specifically, how can this service organization, a quirky bank with a distinctive culture, incorporate and retrain hundreds of new employees from traditional banks? And (2) What role does the design of the total environment (experience design) play in nurturing and maintaining an organization's culture and its brand expression, and how much should it invest in this form of brand expression? Presents two examples and asks how this bank should deal with the issue of cost vs. value of design in each of them.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Oregon, $4.6 billion revenues, 2004, 2004
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