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Windemere Trust Company: An Information Systems Vision
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18 pages
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Case (Field)
A medium-sized Canadian trust company has fallen behind technologically and is in danger of losing competitiveness. The new CEO is very frustrated with the lack of responsiveness on the part of his IS group. A new CIO (chief information officer) has been hired to re-energize and re-direct the IS group. After learning the lay of the land, the new CIO has developed a vision of what should be done. The vision includes wholesale commitment to the use of CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools for new software development, the re-development of all the firm's software using CASE tools, the replacement of the existing hardware platforms with a new network of distributed minicomputers, and drastically cutting back the IS workforce. The new CIO has committed to accomplishing all these changes within 18 months.
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This is a very rich case, with a large variety of relevant IS management issues imbedded in it. The case can be used in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of the instructor. It can be used to examine the management of application development , and in particular the folly of hoping that technology (in this case, CASE tools) will take the place of competent management. It can be used to focus on the issue of managing an IS work force. It can be used to discuss the role of CIO vision and leadership, and the role of a company's board of directors in the decision-making regarding information systems. Other uses are also possible.
Information Systems
Finance and Insurance
Canada, Medium, 1989
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