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iD Fresh Food: Scripting a Fresh Story
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Case (Field)
In May 2020, amid the lockdown in India brought about by COVID-19, P. C. Musthafa, chief executive officer of iD Fresh Food (iD), a food company located in Bengaluru, India, was preparing for a virtual meeting with his co-founders. The company offered customers the value proposition of “freshness” and operated in the ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat segments. iD’s flagship product was batter for preparing idlis and dosas, which were popular Indian breakfast dishes. The co-founders had to decide how to address the challenges arising on both the demand and the supply side of the business brought about by the pandemic, including production and logistics challenges on the supply side, a dip in demand, and the growth of competitors in the segments. How should iD plan its production amid the disruption to the supply chains and logistics sector brought on by the pandemic and ensure that its products maintain the promised value proposition of freshness? How could it ensure that customers continued to trust iD? Could iD script a fresh story and reach its vision of becoming a ₹10-billion company by 2023, despite an economy ravaged by the pandemic?
Learning Objective:
This case can be taught in an introductory microeconomics or managerial economics course at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It can also form a module in courses on strategic management, competitive strategy, or entrepreneurship. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to
  • appreciate the nature of monopolistically competitive markets;
  • evaluate the challenges faced by firms in such markets;
  • assess the competitive strategies available for monopolistically competitive firms; and
  • recognize the implications of an uncertainty such as the novel coronavirus pandemic on businesses and explore strategies to be pursued.
Economics & Public Policy,  Strategy
Accommodation & Food Services
India, Large, 2020
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