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Jump Gymnastics Inc.: Jumping Into The Future
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12 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
In February 2018, the owner of Jump Gymnastics Inc. was preparing for her company’s upcoming strategic planning cycle. The privately owned children's recreational sport business located in Vancouver, British Columbia, delivered gymnastics programs designed to prepare children for lifelong sport participation and healthy living. In 10 years, the owner had successfully grown the company based on her passion for helping children reach their full physical potential. Now operating in two locations, the company had expanded into hosting birthday parties and other special events. An expert in her field, the owner had also started to engage in outside consulting work. She wondered what additional opportunities laid ahead. Should she pursue growth through new locations or new programs, expand her consulting and public speaking practice, launch a coaching certification program, or focus on the company’s core operations? She wanted to consider not only the best use of her time and energy but also the option that would provide the most financial security.
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for senior-level undergraduate or graduate-level students in a core business unit strategy course. Ideally, it should be used in the middle of the course to explore growth through a strategy of differentiation. After completion of the case, students will understand how to
  • execute a differentiation strategy in a competitive industry;
  • balance management preferences within a company's strategy; and
  • design a strategy that focuses on organic growth.
    General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship
    Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
    Canada, Small, 2018
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