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Ivey Publishing's Annual Best Seller Awards 2020-2021

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Ivey Publishing is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020-2021 New Best Seller Awards. Following the end of each academic year, we recognize the important work of authors and celebrate the contributions they have made to case teaching and writing. Ranked based on unit sales, the New Best Seller list highlights the top 20 cases from the previous academic year (May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021) that have continuously engaged students and provided opportunities for instructors to deliver key concepts at leading business schools around the world. Previous Best Seller winners and cases that have achieved sustained high sales for the past 10 years are considered for the Ivey Classic Cases list. The inclusion of both New Best Sellers and Ivey Classic Case categories allows us to highlight a more diverse range of material.

New Best Sellers

  1. Digital Transformation at GE: What Went Wrong? – 9B19M110
  2. Dow Chemical Co.: Big Data in Manufacturing – 9B17E014
  3. bKash: Financial Technology Innovation for Emerging Markets – 9B17M097
  4. Walmart: Supply Chain Management – 9B19D013
  5. Fitbit: The Business about Wrist – 9B16A012
  6. IKEA India: Expanding to Success – 9B18M094
  7. Estimating Walmart's Cost of Capital – 9B19N011
  8. Beyond Meat: Changing Consumers' Meat Preference – 9B15A008
  9. Nestlé's Maggi: Pricing and Repositioning a Recalled Product – 9B16A025
  10. What Business Is Zara In? (Revised) – 9B19M029
  11. Nissan: Recovering Supply Chain Operations – 9B16D013
  12. Asante Teaching Hospital: Activity-Based Costing – 9B16B012
  13. Ryanair: Flying Too Close to the Sun? – 9B19M057
  14. Boise Automation Canada Ltd.: The Lost Order at Northern Paper (A) (Revised) – 9B12A008
  15. Forked River Brewing Co.: Craft Beer Entrepreneurship in an Evolving Industry – 9B16M102
  16. House, Hearth and Home: Managing Leadership Change – 9B12C048
  17. Valuing Wal-Mart 2010 – 9B11N004
  18. Ferrero Group: Achieving Sustainability Through Supply Chain Integration – 9B17M081
  19. Havells India: The Sylvania Acquisition Decision – 9B09M089
  20. Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Elective Surgery Schedule – 9B15E011

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Top New Best Seller

Digital Transformation at GE: What Went Wrong?
Robert D. Austin

This year's best-selling case examines the digital transformation that GE had been attempting since 2011 and the challenges faced throughout the transformation. The case addresses the reasons why established companies might attempt digital transformation, the outcomes firms aim to achieve through digital transformation, and the difficulties and risks inherent in such ambitious change programs.

Robert D. Austin, the author of the case, believes that a compelling story is the most important aspect of writing a best-selling case.

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“Most of the time I start with a gut feeling that there is something interesting going on in this story, and I discover my focus and the learning objectives in progress. It helps, I think, to have a decision point at the start of the case, but that is not required, if you ask me. There are plenty of excellent ‘best practice cases’ (or ‘worst practice cases’), where there is no active decision point but there is an intriguing puzzle to be solved. What is required is that the case raises issues that support multiple perspectives on important issues. Or, to put that a little more concretely, that there are things to discuss in a case that cause people to edge forward in their chairs, eager to offer a contrasting view to something they’re hearing someone else say, because they feel strongly that what someone else is saying is really right or really wrong,” said Austin.

Professor Austin’s case combines three key features of a best-selling case: a topic that interests many students, a prominent organization, and no clear “answer.”

“There’s a genuine puzzle here: How did this iconic, 100-year-old company that has long had a reputation as one of the world’s best managed, get into such a mess? It’s a deep question, with no definitive answer. That fact gives the case a richness that makes it work with a wide range of audiences, from undergrads to execs,” added Austin.

Best New Author Award

We are pleased to name Mustapha Cheikh-Ammar as the recipient of this year’s Best New Author Award. This award is presented to an author who has published their first case with Ivey Publishing within the last three years, and who had the highest total case usage across this time period.

Professor Cheikh-Ammar’s first case, Dow Chemical Co.: Big Data in Manufacturing ranks #2 on this year’s best-selling case list. The case puts students in the shoes of Dow's data services director to resolve the challenges he is facing in launching a major information systems initiative. The case enables students to describe the main characteristics of big data, explain how data analytics can add value to a firm, and appreciate the challenges faced by an in-house data analytics division in fulfilling its strategic mission.
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Popular with students, the case is current, relatable, and demonstrates the value of data analytics.

“(The case) offers professors and students the opportunity to discuss current issues that many modern organizations are facing. More specifically, the case offers an opportunity to learn about Big Data; a current technological concept that many business professionals frequently hear and use, yet that maybe only a few completely grasp. It also allows students to reflect on how big data analytics can add value to a firm’s manufacturing operations with a focus on internal processes. This makes this case different from most cases on big data. Most importantly, the case helps students get a sense of the main challenges that in-house data analytics divisions often face in fulfilling their strategic mission through big data initiatives. It is clear that the challenges that plant engineers face at Dow Chemical Co., and the ambiguity surrounding big data initiatives make this case both relatable and believable at the same time,” said Cheikh-Ammar.

When it comes to sharing the secrets of writing a best-selling case as a new author, Cheikh-Ammar gives credit to his case-writing team.

“Writing a best-selling case is often a team effort. It takes substantial research, a capacity to bridge real world problems to theory/research, and some luck. It is clear that having an interesting company dealing with an interesting, relatable issue that allows professors to shed light on and discuss important concepts is a great starting point. But, it is also important that the case balances the tension of being distinct and precise enough so that important theories/concepts can be properly discussed, but also subtle and ambivalent enough so that professors and learners are free to tackle them in different ways. A great teaching note goes a long way too, but in the end – what makes it a best-selling case is that the market decides to adopt it!” added Cheikh-Ammar.

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Ivey Classic Cases

Previous Best Seller winners and cases that have achieved sustained high sales for the past 10 years are considered for the Ivey Classic Cases list.

The top-selling case of the Ivey Classic case collection is once again Starbucks. Originally published in 1998, Starbucks was created to help students understand the concept of competitive advantage in relation to the value chain, while evaluating successful and unsuccessful growth.

Since then, the case has been translated into three languages, sold over 100,000 copies in 68 countries, and has appeared on the Ivey Publishing Classic Cases list for 21 consecutive years.

  1. Starbucks – 9A98M006
  2. Pillsbury Cookie Challenge – 9B11A001
  3. ECCO A/S - Global Value Chain Management – 9B08M014
  4. FIJI Water and Corporate Social Responsibility – Green Makeover or Greenwashing? – 9B09A008
  5. Eli Lilly in India: Rethinking the Joint Venture Strategy – 9B04M016
  6. Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply Chain – 9B14D005
  7. Lego Group: An Outsourcing Journey – 9B10M094
  8. The Espresso Lane to Global Markets – 9B12M058
  9. A Zero Wage Increase Again? – 9B11C034
  10. Apple and Its Suppliers: Corporate Social Responsibility – 9B16M040
  11. Keda’s SAP Implementation – 9B11E001
  12. Operations Strategy at Galanz – 9B10D005
  13. Facebook, Inc.: The Initial Public Offering (A) – 9B12N031
  14. Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea – 9A97G029
  15. Amazon Go: Venturing into Traditional Retail – 9B17M092
  16. Louis Vuitton in Japan – 9B10M067
  17. Netflix: International Expansion – 9B16M070
  18. Scotts Miracle-Gro: The Spreader Sourcing Decision – 9B08M078
  19. Half a Century of Supply Chain Management at Wal-Mart – 9B12D010
  20. Amazon as an Employer – 9B16C006
  21. Netflix Inc.: Streaming Away from DVDs – 9B12M040
  22. WestJet Airlines: Information Technology Governance and Corporate Strategy – 9B13E020
  23. Alex Sharpe's Portfolio – 9B08N020
  24. LEGO Group: Building Strategy – 9B11M086
  25. Governance Failure at Satyam – 9B11M028