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Cases Featuring Female Leaders

"At Ivey we understand the necessity of having diversity among an organization’s board members and its senior management team. Consequently, at Ivey Publishing we are looking for cases with female protagonists who are in senior leadership positions. Cases with a diversity of protagonists ideally allow all students to see themselves at the front of the room."
- Professor W. Glenn Rowe, Executive Director, Ivey Publishing

We continue to seek out cases for our collection that feature diverse protagonists and are proud to feature the following cases with female leaders:

Danone: Adopting Integrated Reporting or Not? (A)
University of Regina Club: Financial Statement Analysis
Metta Rest Spa: Should the Stricklands Lend? 

AREUFIT Health Services Inc.: CEO Faces Strategic Crossroads
Naledo Foods and Beverages Inc.: In Search of Investment Capital
Aparigraha Yoga: Balancing the Tensions of Sustainable Entrepreneurship 

Feehan Investment Management: Hedge Fund or Mutual Fund?
Singapore Airlines Limited: Dividends
Jieyue: Exploring Peer-to-Peer Finance 

General Management/Strategy
The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program: Impact on Stakeholders
Using Effectuation to Start up a New Venture Through Instagram
AREUFIT Health Services Inc.: CEO Faces Strategic Crossroads 

Inverroche Gin: Taking African Sophistication Global
Kutesmart: The Digital Transformation of Apparel Manufacturing
Otsuka Kagu Ltd: Saving the Furniture Business

An Influencer Strategy for Budweiser in Canada
House of Lasagna: Growth and Expansion Fix
Posana Integrative Wellness: A Start-Up Business 

Management Science
Teach For Lebanon: Entrepreneurship in the Not-For-Profit Sector
City of London Water: Predicting Electricity Prices and Optimizing Operations
Asian Grill: Finding the Optimal Table Mix

Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
JD.com (A): A New Chief Human Resources Officer
JD.com (B): Culture Consolidation and Talent Review
Lakeside Automotive Ltd.: Digital Employee Recognition Amid Organizational Change

Operations Management
Sorel Life Insurance Company: Improving Underwriting Performance
Eastern Lotus Bank, Xiamen: Service Operations Management
Jessica Lee: Dealing With Course Evaluations

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