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Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective

Shank, M.D.,4/e (United States, Pearson, 2009)
Prepared By Fabrizio Di Muro, Ph.D. Candidate (Marketing)
Chapter and Title Chapter Matches: Case Information
Chapter 1:
Emergence of Sports Marketing

Andrew Karl Delios

Product Number: 9A99M014
Publication Date: 7/20/1999
Revision Date: 1/18/2010
Length: 16 pages

Tom Barnes, executive director of Asiasports Ltd., was evaluating several options for growth for the sports management company. Asiasports principal sports properties were the South China Ice Hockey League and the World Ice Hockey 5's tournament, both based in Hong Kong. Among the alternatives available: Barnes could develop hockey in other countries in Southeast Asia; he could acquire new sports properties; or he could expand into in-line hockey promotion in Hong Kong.

Teaching Note: 8A99M14 (8 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Strategic Planning; Sports; International Business
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 2:
Contingency Framework for Strategic Sports Marketing

Michael Sider, Jeremy Yip, Phil Ward, Steve Dempsey

Product Number: 9B05C001
Publication Date: 2/21/2005
Revision Date: 5/27/2011
Length: 7 pages

The National Hockey League's collective bargaining agreement was due to expire on September 15, 2004. As executive director of the National Hockey League Players' Association, it is Bob Goodenow's responsibility to negotiate a new agreement in the players' best interests. The NHL has demanded that a salary cap be imposed in the next collective bargaining agreement and has threatened a lockout by owners if the players' association does not agree. The NHL has implemented a successful communications strategy and gained public support. Goodenow must decide how to proceed in order to gain a favorable position going into the negotiations and retain the loyalty of the fans on which the sport depends.

Teaching Note: 8B05C01 (4 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Sports; Negotiation; Communications
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 3:
Research Tools for Understanding Sports Consumers

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Shawn Flick

Product Number: 9B00M029
Publication Date: 12/7/2000
Revision Date: 1/11/2010
Length: 9 pages

The National Hockey League (NHL) was battling within a competitive market to increase the exposure of hockey throughout the United States. Many new franchises had been established and the challenge was to create a fan base to support both the franchises and the league as a whole. As a result, many new initiatives were being examined to educate and excite the American public. The director of new business development for National Hockey League Enterprises, the marketing arm of the NHL, had to evaluate a proposal to establish an IMAX/Ridefilm attraction at NHL SKATE rinks and determine if this approach would increase the exposure of hockey throughout the United States. To prepare his recommendations for the board of directors, he needed to qualitatively evaluate the prospects of the NHL/Ridefilm proposal and perform a quantitative analysis.

Teaching Note: 8B00M29 (7 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Joint Ventures; Marketing Communication; Sports; Sensitivity Analysis
Difficulty: 1 - Introductory

Chapter 4:
Understanding Participants as Consumers

Andy Rohm, Fareena Sultan, David T.A. Wesley

Product Number: 9B05A024
Publication Date: 9/26/2005
Revision Date: 5/23/2017
Length: 22 pages

The Global Media manager for adidas International is responsible for developing and championing a new marketing strategy at adidas called brand in the hand that is based on the convergence of cell phones and wireless Internet. The case presents company background information, data on the penetration of mobile devices such as cell phones, the growth of global mobile marketing practices, and several mobile marketing communications campaigns that adidas launched in 2004, such as a mobile newsticker for the 2004 European soccer championship. The case then introduces a specific campaign - Respect M.E. - featuring Missy Elliott, a popular female hip-hop artist, and discusses the company's mobile marketing strategy to support MissyElliott's new line of sportswear. This case can be used to highlight the role of new technology in overall marketing strategy and integrated marketing communications.

Teaching Note: 8B05A24 (13 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Marketing Channels; Marketing Communication; International Marketing; Telecommunication Technology; Northeastern
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 5:
Understanding Spectators as Consumers

Michael Goldman

Product Number: 9B08A010
Publication Date: 8/18/2008
Revision Date: 1/29/2009
Length: 10 pages

The Blue Bulls rugby team enjoyed a fanatical fan base and had been performing well in local and international competitions recently. As a leading South African rugby franchise, the Blue Bulls faced a social and political environment that emphasized racial transformation. An up-and-coming Afrikaans musician had become best-seller with his De La Rey song, which was about a Boer soldier who calls on General De La Rey to lead the Afrikaner people to victory in the second South Africa War between the Boer Republic and colonial Britain. Given the emotive theme of the song and the response by some to view it as a reassertion of Afrikaner nationalism, the song had attracted significant media coverage and controversy. As part of the entertainment at the Vodacom Super 14 rugby game between Western Force and the Vodacom Blue Bulls, De La Rey was played over the stadium loudspeakers. This delighted most of the mainly White Afrikaans spectators. As the evening progressed, the acting head of the Blue Bulls Company, the organization that managed the Blue Bulls rugby team and the Loftus Versveld stadium, received a number of complaints from supporters about the playing of the De La Rey song and thus decided to remove the song from the official stadium playlist. By Monday morning, a media frenzy had erupted about this decision and the acting head was faced with a number of options of how to respond. The case is written for a first-year MBA module and is designed to explore the following themes: 1) race, identity and language as consumer behaviour variables 2) spectator, supporter and consumer processes within sports marketing 3) sports brand development and sponsorship relationships.

Teaching Note: 8B08A10 (7 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Consumer Behaviour; Sports Marketing; Brand Positioning; Political Environment; GIBS
Difficulty: 5 - MBA/Postgraduate

Chapter 6:
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Mark B. Vandenbosch, T.J. Flood

Product Number: 9A98A018
Publication Date: 11/5/1998
Revision Date: 1/22/2010
Length: 16 pages

T.J. Flood must develop a strategy to bring to market DCF's patented goalie pad cover concept. Opportunities exist in both ice hockey and the emerging roller hockey markets. DCF must develop a strategy which will interest both retailers and end consumers. The case is designed to give students a workout in putting together a coherent marketing strategy which must consider segmentation, positioning, pricing, product, distribution and promotion. A follow-up case (9A98A019) is available.

Teaching Note: 8A98A18 (5 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Retail Marketing; Sports; New Products; Marketing Management
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 7:
Sports Product Concepts

Mark B. Vandenbosch, T.J. Flood

Product Number: 9A98A019
Publication Date: 11/5/1998
Revision Date: 1/22/2010
Length: 4 pages

T.J. Flood and his partners must decide whether to accept a licensing arrangement with Irwin Toy. Irwin Toy offers an immediate payback on the partners' investment. However, a second potential licensee, Itech, has a much better reputation in the hockey industry. Itech has expressed interest in the concept, but has not made any firm offers.

Teaching Note: 8A98A18 (5 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: Marketing Management; Sports; Retail Marketing; New Products
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 8:
Managing Sports Products

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Joanne Drouillard

Product Number: 9B00M021
Publication Date: 8/31/2000
Revision Date: 1/11/2010
Length: 18 pages

The part owner and general manager of Hidden River Golf Club must prepare for a shareholders' meeting where he will present an overview of the club's financial health and his recommendations on three key issues: whether or not to expand the nine-hole course to 18 holes; the pricing scheme for the upcoming golfing season; and whether to keep or eliminate seasonal golf memberships. Students will be exposed to the usefulness of analytical tools such as the statement of changes in financial position, ratio analysis, cost behavior, and projected statements. They will also see how in-depth analysis is required before any decisions can be made or potential opportunities exploited, and that differential analysis, as a management tool, can aid in decision making.

Teaching Note: 8B00M21 (24 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Strategic Planning; Financial Analysis; Expansion
Difficulty: 1 - Introductory

Chapter 9:
Promotion Concepts

Michael R. Pearce, Joel Bycraft, Chad Hensler

Product Number: 9B02A022
Publication Date: 11/29/2002
Revision Date: 10/28/2009
Length: 11 pages

The marketing manager for a hockey team has been told by senior management that revenues for the next season must increase or the franchise will be sold. The previous year's high-budget advertising campaign did not bring in the single-ticket sales results he expected. A database of past ticket holders is available and the question arises how to use this database. Using pivot tables, and recency, frequency and monetary value analyses, he must determine how to increase the return on the marketing investment. An Excel spreadsheet, product 7B02A022, is also available.

Teaching Note: 8B02A22 (26 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Database Marketing; Sports Marketing; Analysis; Direct Marketing
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 10:
Promotion Mix Elements

Robert J. Fisher, Karen Bong

Product Number: 9B02A029
Publication Date: 2/6/2003
Length: 27 pages

The Canada Summer Games is a national, premier amateur sports event held biannually. The 2001 Summer Games in London, Ontario faced a challenge in generating revenue by selling spectator tickets to various events. Early sales did not meet expectations and the marketing strategy was revised halfway through the advertising campaign. The marketing manager must determine the impact revising the marketing campaign had on sales and prepare a report with recommendations that could be used by future host cities.

Teaching Note: 8B02A29 (9 pages)
Industry: Social Advocacy Organizations
Issues: Advertising Management; Sports; Advertising Strategy; Advertising Effectiveness
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 11:
Sponsorship Programs

Andy Rohm, Fareena Sultan, David T.A. Wesley

Product Number: 9B07A016
Publication Date: 10/4/2007
Revision Date: 2/26/2010
Length: 14 pages

The manager of Mobile Media for adidas International is debating what to do, given the sparse amount of traffic to date at the adidas FIFA World Cup mobile portal. By February, there had been only 3,000 visits to the mobile site, compared to the one million visits predicted earlier based on the previous success of a Lucas Films Star Wars mobile campaign. Given that the World Cup is a global event viewed by millions of people in person and more than one billion TV viewers worldwide, it represents a global stage for adidas to promote its brand and communicate its continued involvement and leadership in the sport of football. The manager of Mobile Media is worried that the brand's mobile efforts for this major event could fail miserably.

Teaching Note: 8B07A16 (7 pages)
Industry: Manufacturing
Issues: China; International Marketing; Telecommunication Technology; Marketing Communication; Marketing Channels; Northeastern
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 12:
Pricing Concepts and Strategies

Peter C. Bell, Ilana Rosenshein

Product Number: 9B03E006
Publication Date: 4/2/2003
Revision Date: 10/19/2009
Length: 3 pages

Four Star Motorsports is a family owned and operated garage specializing in rally cars and the sale of rally tires. In the winter, the business would have sales on tires if there was excess inventory, however, the owner was recently made aware of new pricing concepts through associates. The owner must investigate various pricing options during the upcoming selling season to increase revenue and to develop a plan that will allow adjustments for customers who are unhappy with the new pricing policy or an excess of tire inventory.

Teaching Note: 8B03E06 (7 pages)
Industry: Retail Trade
Issues: Demand Analysis; Pricing; Regression Analysis; Uncertainty
Difficulty: 4 - Undergraduate/MBA

Chapter 13:
Implementing and Controlling the Strategic Sports Marketing Process

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Liz Gray

Product Number: 9B00M002
Publication Date: 12/11/2000
Revision Date: 1/8/2010
Length: 8 pages

The vice-president of National Hockey League Enterprises Canada is faced with an opportunity to pursue the development of a retail outlet dedicated to Brand NHL merchandise. He must decide among three implementation options: retain control of the facility, relinquish control to a management firm or retain operational control. This case is suitable for an introductory business course and may be taught over two one-hour classes.

Teaching Note: 8B00M02 (12 pages)
Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Issues: Sports; Vertical Integration; Tradeoff Analysis
Difficulty: 1 - Introductory