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Featured industry: Transportation and Warehousing

Featured Industry:

Transportation and Warehousing

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Spotify's Direct-Listing IPO

This featured case tackles how to value a market leader when it decides to skip Wall Street.

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Art With Impact: The Art of Non-Profit Fundraising
Matthew Philp, Bruno Lussier, Frédéric Constantin

Product Number: 9B18A021
Publication Date: 04/06/2018
Length: 9 pages (7 pages of text)

Since its founding in 2011, Art With Impact (AWI) had one precise goal—to enable young people in Canada and the United States to talk about mental health issues through art and media. The foundation enjoyed great success. However, like many other charities and non-profit organizations, AWI was struggling with the challenge of raising adequate funding. AWI wanted to design a more sophisticated social media approach to attract numerous smaller donors, and needed to decide on the best course of action.   

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