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Waste Audit at Innovation Works London (A)
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Case (Field)
This case series, set in June 2018, follows a student in a master's degree program in Environment and Sustainability who was invited to lead a waste audit for Innovation Works London, a non-profit organization. Case (A) introduces Innovation Works London and its need for the audits. Case (B) refers to an unforeseen event that arose just a few hours before the actual audit—the bulk of organic waste collected for the audit had been unintentionally picked up by the third-party waste hauler. In Case (C), the waste audit team considers the results of the waste audit. The team has to calculate the waste diversion rate and prepare its recommendations for improvement.
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This case series is intended for an undergraduate-level course on environmental management and specifically a session on waste management. It is particularly suitable for an interdisciplinary group of graduate students who have little or no prior exposure to waste auditing or waste management. The audit planning (Case A), the decision pertaining to unforeseen events (Case B), and the data analysis and recommendations for Innovation Works London (Case C) together create an appropriate setting for discussing several managerial issues pertaining to a waste audit: planning an audit, managing events that disrupt the original plan, and data analysis.
Operations Management
Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Canada, Small, 2018
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