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Farro Biomed: Effective Oversight When Leader Character Is a Risk
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Case (Gen Exp)
The chief operating officer at Farro Biomed, an independent laboratory in the health care sector, was a talented negotiator, and could be credited with a great deal of the company's success. But inside the company, he was known to be a bully. One of his favourite targets was a middle manager who was responsible for running the executive offices and the board's secretariat. Her work subsequently declined, leading to problems with the board's secretariat. A board member complained, and the chief executive officer eliminated her position. The manager struck back with a demand for a large severance package, claiming a toxic work environment, bullying, and sexual harassment. The chief executive officer had no choice but to take the matter to the board for direction. The board needed to decide how to proceed.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in courses at the undergraduate or graduate level dealing with leadership skills, human resources, corporate governance, and business ethics. The case would also work well in a public relations course or in a workshop for executives and board directors. After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • appreciate the nature of leader character, its role in maintaining a healthy work environment, and the consequences of poor leader character;
  • understand the need for oversight of leader character and a board's role in maintaining a healthy work environment; and
  • grasp the significance of the #MeToo movement and become sensitized to the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace.
    Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
    Health Care Services
    Canada, Medium, 2018
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