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Phenicoptere: Channel Strategy for International Expansion
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Case (Field)
Phenicoptere Ltd. (Phenicoptere), founded in 2012 by two female entrepreneurs, was a Polish start-up offering a makeup-removal glove called GLOV. Phenicoptere went global at the very early stage of its development. By 2017, the company was present in 44 countries and derived nearly 90 per cent of its revenues from foreign markets. The chief executive officer and vice-president of Phenicoptere must now decide whether and how the company should incorporate e-commerce into its internationalization strategy.
Learning Objective:
This case is designed to teach international entrepreneurship, which lies at the intersection of international business and entrepreneurship. It can be used in international management, international marketing, or general entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. The case features a female protagonist, thus offering an opportunity to discuss the role of gender in entrepreneurship. Following calls for more gender diversity in management education (e.g., Harvard Business School Gender Initiative, 2015), it promotes gender equality in society and business. Following discussion of the case, students will have developed their ability to do the following:
  • Understand how new ventures identify and exploit international opportunities and how they deal with resource constraints.
  • Analyze the market environment of an international new venture, taking into consideration the pressure to adapt versus standardize.
  • Evaluate the different options for international growth available to a start-up.
  • Evaluate different channels of retail supporting international expansion, including e-commerce.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Poland, Small, 2017
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