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CQ Max: Crafting a Product Launch
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Case (Field)
In March 2017, Inderjit Baboota, head of Sales and Marketing at Genspec Lifesciences, was preparing to meet with his team to craft the brand launch strategy of the company’s product CQ Max. Although natural therapy was recognized in India for various ailments, few scientific formulations were available. Turmeric was used in various forms in India for the treatment and prevention of a variety of conditions due to its main active ingredient, curcumin, but there was no curcumin-based formulation readily available in the Indian market. In response to this opportunity, CQ Max, the first nanocurcumin product in India, was developed and pilot tested. Though the product played a role in the treatment of a variety of conditions, it primary target market was cancer patients. Now Baboota had to determine whether to position CQ Max as a prescription-based product or an over-the-counter product. He also faced the challenge of an underdeveloped market for cancer wellness products in India.
Learning Objective:
The case can be used in graduate-level courses on entrepreneurship, brand management, and strategy. The case provides an understanding of different aspects of strategizing a new product launch. Working through the case and assignment questions will give students the opportunity to do the following: Recognize opportunity in the marketplace.
  • Understand the challenges faced by an organization while launching an innovative product.
  • Devise various aspects of the launch plan for a new product.
  • Issues:
    Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
    Health Care Services
    India, Small, 2017
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