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BonaVista Pools: Finding Expertise to Meet Demand
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10 pages (6 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The president and vice-president of BonaVista Pools Limited (BonaVista) needed to decide what to do for the upcoming pool production season. They received notice that the two employees in charge of overseeing the most crucial step of the pool production process were going to be unavailable for the upcoming period. Anticipating a busy season, the president and vice-president needed to decide whether to hire a new nozzle operator, promote their junior nozzle operator, or outsource this crucial step in the pool production process. They needed to look at the financial and operational implications of each option and ensure they maintained the premier standard of BonaVista set by their father.
Learning Objective:
The case is designed for use in an undergraduate, introductory-level course. It highlights the operations and management of a company and is recommended for use at the end of a unit on operations. The case can also be used as an exam or a graded assignment. Working through the case allows students to do the following:
  • Identify the customer and the customer’s needs, and understand how to relate these needs back to the options presented in the case.
  • Understand a production process, and identify which type of process is most appropriate in each setting.
  • Calculate capacity, identify bottlenecks, and perform cost–benefit analysis to understand which of the company’s options are the most financially feasible.
    Operations Management,  Entrepreneurship
    Canada, Small, 2016
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