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Implementing Fortis Operating System (A)
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Case (Field)
This case series allows students to examine the dynamics of an organization-wide operating system change that was implemented over a decade from 2007 to 2017. The change was initially introduced at Fortis Healthcare Limited in a single hospital and later successfully scaled up to multiple locations. The system worked well for some years before it fell victim to gradual degeneration and defocus. At some stage in the journey of change, this degeneration and defocus was noticed, and a fresh effort was made to revive the change at different locations. Thus, the case series gives students the opportunity to examine the different stages of a change journey—the introduction of change; transferring it to multiple locations; sustaining change; possible .degeneration or defocus, leading to ritualization and loss of spirit; and the rejuvenation of change.

In Implementing Fortis Operating System (A), the president of strategy and organizational development at Fortis Healthcare Limited had to decide on a plan scale up change quickly and effectively.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in courses on leadership, change management, and health care management at the post-graduate level. It is also suitable for executive education classes. Working through the (A) case allows students to
  • examine the nuances of a change implemented in a single hospital and of building a provision to scale up the change to multiple locations;
  • understand the various contributors to the success of a change effort, including the role of consultants;
  • understand how to apply Kotter’s 8-Step change model for initiating and implementing change; and
  • understand the factors that affect the scaling up of a change.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Health Care Services
India, Large, 2017
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