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La Protectora: Engaging in Social Media for a Social Cause
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9 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The case recounts the development and implementation of the first social media campaign at La Protectora de la Infancia (La Protectora), a centenary, Chilean non-profit organization offering education and social assistance to children in need. With a large number of non-profits operating in several domains across the country, competition for volunteers and donations was high in the sector. However, Chile had one of the most engaged social media markets worldwide, and it had the highest rate of broadband connection in Latin America. In March 2016, the marketing team was planning the next fundraising campaign with the help of a social media marketing consultant. They needed to decide how the organization could use social media and the fundraising campaign to engage volunteers and donors, creating a stronger and more positive image for the institution.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in undergraduate and graduate courses discussing social media marketing or marketing of social causes. Graduate students in a social media marketing course can discuss the case in more depth by developing alternative strategies and approaches for La Protectora. Students will have an opportunity to do the following:
  • Discuss the influence of social and cultural variables on social media engagement.
  • Highlight the importance of aligning social media campaigns with online and offline marketing actions and discuss how this can be done.
  • Evaluate the success of social media campaigns and connect them to organizational goals.
  • Identify how the benefits of a social media campaign can be preserved, extended, and amplified for a brand or company.
  • Discuss potential avenues for overcoming organizational resistance to social media use.
Marketing,  International
Social Advocacy Organizations
Chile, Large, 2015
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