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Rajesh Exports: Gold Trader to International Jewellery Retailer
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Case (Pub Mat)
Rajesh Exports Limited (REL), founded by Rajesh Mehta in the 1980s and based in India, was the world’s largest, lowest cost gold jewellery manufacturer. REL derived more than 90 per cent of its total revenue from exporting gold jewellery to more than 60 countries; but, in 2017, REL set a goal of increasing the portion of revenue contributed by the retail segment to 90 per cent by 2030—an increase from the current contribution of 10 per cent. REL had initiated strategies to differentiate itself in the retail jewellery segment; nonetheless, analysts were skeptical about REL’s ability to achieve its revenue goal. They pointed to the hindrances of severe competition in the global retail jewellery market; REL’s lack of experience in retail jewellery; and the perception of low quality associated with products produced in India. Was Mehta’s vision to establish REL’s presence in the retail segment appropriate, and if so, how could REL overcome the barriers and establish its identity in the international retail jewellery market?
Learning Objective:
The case deals with concepts in strategic and international management in the context of luxury consumer products. It is intended for use in undergraduate- or graduate-level courses on international management and strategic management. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to do the following:
  • Understand how firms can benefit from and manage acquisitions, especially when the acquisition is made by an emerging market firm.
  • Analyze how diversification strategies can enhance a firm’s performance.
  • Discuss business models that could be used for fast growth in the retail sector.
  • Critically analyze the low cost and differentiation competitive strategies suggested by Porter.
  • Understand the benefits associated with country of origin and the challenges associated with liability of emergingness that an emerging market firm will face when intending to become a global business.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Retail Trade
India, Large, 2017
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