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Mitch Landrieu: Using Communication to Lead Change in Racial Conflict
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Case (Pub Mat)
In 2015, nine black Americans were killed in a racially motivated shooting spree. The incident fuelled ongoing racial tensions in the United States and launched a conflict over the presence of Confederate memorials in public spaces. When the push to remove Confederate memorials began, the task for Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans, was to deal with the city's notable Confederate monuments and the conflict they engendered in a city divided along racial lines demographically, economically, and historically. On May 19, 2017, Landrieu addressed the public. Students have the opportunity to evaluate the speech, consider why Landrieu chose this occasion to address the public, and determine what the speech reveals about his leadership character.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and executive education courses on leadership, business communication, and leading change. After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • identify the characteristics of good communication in leadership;
  • appreciate that, to be successful, communication must be intertwined with leadership character; and
  • discern what communication reveals about leadership character.
    Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
    Public Administration
    United States, Large, 2017
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