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Twenty One Toys Inc.: Sparking Growth
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14 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The founder and chief executive officer of Twenty One Toys Inc., a Canadian designer and manufacturer of educational toy sets, was considering her firm’s future in 2017. The company had doubled its revenues each year for the past two years with its first toy—and, thus far, its only product—the Empathy Toy. The entrepreneurial founder had defied the odds, gaining recognition for her product and securing funds from socially focused awards and firms. She had built up a supply chain, starting with ethically manufactured toys, and had sold her products both directly to schools and through distributors to the wider retail market. The biggest current challenge for the firm was determining its growth strategy for the Empathy Toy and for its second product, the Failure Toy.
Learning Objective:
This case has been designed for use at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels in courses on managing start-ups, growth, and entrepreneurship. In an entrepreneurship course, the case can introduce the challenges of growing a start-up. Following discussion of the case, students will have developed their ability to:
  • evaluate a product concept's potential;
  • analyze industry and market conditions for start-ups;
  • develop a business model based on data and estimates;
  • evaluate the strategic options available to a firm;
  • assess the suitability of growth options—and understand the role suitability plays in the selection of options—based on a firm's resources and capabilities; and
  • understand how entrepreneurs manage the challenges of strategy, growth, and finance.
    General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
    Educational Services
    Canada, Small, 2017
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